Transportation Brokerage

Transportation Brokerage

  • Member of TIA Since 1986
  • $100,000 Bond
  • Experienced
  • $250,000 Cargo Insurance
  • Truck Finding Services
  • Over 5,000 active carriers under contract
  • Dependable Service
  • Competitive Rates
  • Immediate Tracking Pro Numbers
  • Friendly Service

What we can do for you...

JBS has long been viewed as a leader in the Property Brokerage Industry.   JBS employees are well trained regarding Government Rules and Regulations, and we have CTB’s (Certified Transportation Broker) on staff.

JBS has contracts on file with thousands of contract carriers who are licensed and insured to handle your next Truckload.

JBS is a leader in the Transportation Intermediary Industry.  Since 1986 JBS has been finding the right equipment for the right price.  We are an experienced truck brokerage operation that takes responsibility for its commitments.

JBS is proud to be a part of TIA’s 'P3 Partner Program' which is a best practices partnership developed for the Transportation Intermediary Industry.  Property Brokers, Freight Forwarders, and Motor Carriers who are members of this program have developed common values and “best practices” to achieve a higher level of customer service and operating performance.

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